Routine health examinations to Prevent diabetes

Be sure that in your hands lies the power to control this disease , failure to do so could worsen and affect other organs such as the eyes, heart, kidneys or other areas such as the feet . The three keys to be safe are: Take the medication recommended by the doctor , eating a healthy diet and stay active with exercise .


However, surely to be diagnosed with diabetes , you’ll wonder what it is or why they contracted . This disease is characterized by glucose or sugar in the blood at very high levels . This happens because glucose we acquired from food stays in our blood and does not pass into the cells that need it for energy .

Types of diabetes

There are three types of diabetes ; Type 1 when the body , specifically the pancreas does not produce insulin, which is the agent that helps glucose move from the blood into the cells. In this case , patients should be provided daily insulin .

The Type 2 is acquired by our eating habits and quality of life is when our body produces enough insulin or does not use it properly . If you are diagnosed with Type 2, it must surely apply also take pills or insulin.

The third form is gestational diabetes which collapses when the mother is pregnant, but there is a risk to both mother and child develop diabetes at some point in their lives. More

Blueberry Against Diabetes

effect of bilberry extractBlueberries reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes

The Louisiana State University conducted a study that investigated how a blueberry smoothie acted against the likelihood of developing diabetes in humans and to avoid complications of this disease.

The results obtained in unestudio conducted in Japan on glucose lowering effect of bilberry extract in diabetic mice, was the basis for a new research published in the Journal of Nutrition , which reported that the daily consumption of cranberry smoothie decrease the likelihood of developing diabetes . These results are very important for those with a predisposition for developing diabetes .

  • We recruited 32 obese people with insulin resistance, short of getting diabetes.
  • The BMI average was 37.4 kg/m2.
  • The average age was 51.5 years.
  • In all the patients were divided randomly into two groups.
  • A group of patients received a smoothie with 22.5 grams of blueberry bioactive substances.
  • The other group consumed a drink “placebo” in the same nutritional value.
  • This study was carried out for six weeks. More

Drinks for Diabetes

tea of cinnamonBeverages against diabetes

Long ago, Patrick, a member of our forum, we left a message asking for some drinks for diabetes. We offered him some, but all other users did their thing. That’s how you might collect these they consider to be okay.

Long ago, a user of our forum thread left in the drink for diabetes order for us to offer you some recipes to quench your thirst, one of the most common problems in this disease. We responded to these alternatives for diabetics, but also users of the forum did their thing and left their own, which we share below. One user told us that the tea of cinnamon can be very good for reducing sugar levels in some people, taking as water during the day. The same also indicated that water from ground oats with apple. On the other hand, a user indicates that he is successful the following: leaving a sliced eggplant in a liter of water at night, in the refrigerator. Then the liquid is consumed during the day. It states that “it is refreshing and helps lower blood sugar levels”. another diabetic woman also told us that gives good results when you are thirsty, a drink of lemon, carrot and celery.